c'est watt
1994, Snowgoose Records, SGS1122
Distribution: Valerie Enterprises (905) 692-4020

The second album from a singer and storyteller who has become one of Canada's best-known artists, C'est Watt tackles a wide range of themes, from sexual harassement to the fishing crisis on Canada's east coast, the death of a close friend to the joy of rediscovered friendship. Like his first album "Homeland," it was produced by singer-songwriter Garnet Rogers, a longtime supporter of Watt's burgeoning career.



on the cd

Alabaster lady

Rolling hills of the Borders

The cruel brother

My love is like a red red rose


Jamie Raeburn


Just another mile

Every living thing

The Gaudie runs | Welcome Bobby back |
The Watts return to Otter Creek


the critics

" His story songs have a hypnotic hold on any willing soul." Gary Dunford, Toronto Sun

" His deep, smooth voice puts one in mind of a fine single malt…" John Degan, Varsity Review, Toronto

" …a skilled guitarist with a remarkably beautiful voice — rich, smooth and warm — that might please an audience if he were singing listings from the phone book… one of Canada's best-known exports." Nancy Sundstrom, Record-Eagle, Michigan

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