the critics

" …a welcome return… " Sing Out (review of Watt Next)

" This is his fourth CD, and good enough to make me rather wish I had come across his previous three. Clearly, if they are anything like this one, that was my loss. his warm voice and capable backing musicians engage you from the start." Dai Woosnam, Living Traditions (Watt Next)

" …great singing, fine backing, and an interesting collection of material, all handily produced. This CD shows Watt expanding beyond the traditional and folk sound, including some blues and counry influences." Ivan Emke, Dirty Linen (Watt Next)

" His story songs have a hypnotic hold on any willing soul." Gary Dunford, Toronto Sun

" His deep, smooth voice puts one in mind of a fine single malt…" John Degan, Varsity Review, Toronto

" …a skilled guitarist with a remarkably beautiful voice — rich, smooth and warm — that might please an audience if he were singing listings from the phone book… one of Canada's best-known exports." Nancy Sundstrom, Record-Eagle, Michigan

"…a sometimes unlikely blend of traditional music and fresh lyrics, unfailingly brought down to earth and rooted by Watt's barely mellowed Scots accent." John Degen, Varsity Review, Toronto (review of Homeland)